Fire Up Conference

I was unsure of what to expect while attending the Fire Up Conference, but was pleasantly surprised. It was an extremely valuable experience where faculty from around the area presented on different topics regarding education. I attended quite a few sessions of which were very valuable including two sessions on classroom management. Both of the speakers from these sessions were principals from nearby high schools. Each had loads to say about classroom management, each with their own perspectives on how to handle certain situations and present yourself in your own classroom. While they both had quite a few differences in what they had to say in regards to classroom management, they both made one point very clear; the way in which you begin your year, meaning the way you build your classroom starting the very first day, will determine the rest of your year. You must be prepared the day you walk in and have a clear explanation for your students of how your classroom works. I thought the way they presented this material was excellent. They provided many examples of stories in which teachers failed at doing this and teachers who were extremely successful in doing this.When you consider the many personalities in the world, it is crazy to think that each classroom really has its’ own atmosphere and how you create yours is crucial. It is pressuring to think about, but with their helpful tips, I feel I really benefited and can go more confidently into my classroom.


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