How to Bake Pi(e)

For my second book, I read How to Bake Pi by Eugenia Cheng. This book was a giant metaphor between math and food (which really caught my interest). The book was super fun to read, not only because it included food, but because it shows a way of thinking about math in a completely different way than what we’re used to. There was a never a point while reading this book that I got bored or confused, which made it easy and enjoyable to read. I could always follow along because if she started discussing a concept in mathematics, she quickly related it back to something of familiarity.

This book is definitely catered to mathematicians and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to anyone outside of that which I guess may be a “low”. The terminology is definitely math-based and may not be appealing to someone outside of that. I think it is definitely a great book for mathematicians to read, especially because she is hilarious and does not make it boring at all!


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