Progress & What Is To Be

I had two main focuses when starting this semester; one being explaining in a way that students understand, giving clear and concise detail, and the other being classroom control/strategies for classroom management. I think that both of these will take time and experience, but it’s amazing what you can learn in such a short amount of time. It makes it more difficult to come into a classroom in the middle of the semester. Procedure is already set, so I obviously follow suite and it makes it a little difficult to find my own fit for my style of classroom management, but I also choose to take advantage of seeing other people’s style.

As for what I can do well as a math teacher, I feel as though when I began this semester I wasn’t very good at explaining things in a way that made sense to this age group (hence my goal), and I also wasn’t very good at answering students questions with a probing question. I have improved on these greatly and feel as though I do them well, for the most part, now; although I still have much to learn. I have recently learned many new techniques in order to aid my explanations, catering to my students.

Being in a classroom every day with the same group of kids and same procedures has really helped me to gain insight in the way they think. I’ve been able to anticipate misconceptions a little easier knowing the students, and also find ways to help guide them toward where they need to be, just from getting to know them and how they work. I think this is one of the biggest things I learned and I’m finding it crucial to not only engage your students in a way that we can all learn together, but get to know them in a way that allows you to know what’s best for them and what they need in order to be successful and how you can help with that as a teacher. I think this well help me with my student teaching and in my future as a teacher. I realize that many things will come with experience such as classroom management and knowing how to explain, catering to your audience in the most effective way. By learning about different styles and methods, I can try and find a best fit for me.


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